What do you use to edit your photos?

OCTOBER 15, 2022

I always take photos in RAW format1.

To edit them you can use Adobe Photoshop, which will open the Camera RAW app to let you edit images one-by-one or in bulk.

Adobe created Lightroom, a separate application with similar capabilities to Camera RAW.

Long story short, they allow you to edit your photos of the same type.

Either works, but I'd go with Lightroom to edit your shots. They also have a mobile version, so you can transfer and edit photos on your phone via Bluetooth on the go.

I always keep the original RAW files and export high- or medium-resolution JPGs which are easy to browse and share. I've regretted removing RAW files in the past, as effects get baked in your JPEGs, and there's no way to go back to the original file or make improvements.

After all, taking pictures is chaotic.

  1. I've owned a Sony Alpha a6500 since 2016, and recently bought the Sony ZV-E10 and an 11 mm E-mount lens. Both cameras are APS-C, which means they have a 1.5x crop factor. My 11 mm lens is equivalent to a 16.5 mm lens. You'll only get the so-called full-frame if you own a full-frame camera, like any of the Sony A7 mirrorless cameras.