What does the YouTube algorithm want?

JANUARY 20, 2022

YouTube's algorithm makes it clear: whenever a video is repeatedly found by its objective audience—the people who wanted to learn about what I'm teaching in a particular clip—it ends up full of comments, questions, and thumbs up; even if it's just a two-or three-minute clip.

These hints provide me with feedback on what content to create next and which formats work best for my audience.

Videos may accrue views due to their title, cover, or simply because they're amongst the few videos covering a niche topic.

Honoring the Pareto principle, a tiny percentage of my videos are responsible for most of my channel's views, reproductions, and played hours.

Of course, high-quality content will perform best because it will succeed in educating and entertaining your audience. Yet YouTube's algorithm doesn't care about content quality but like-ability, virality, and engagement.