Writing highlights from Dec 2021–Mar 2022

MARCH 12, 2022

I review my writing drafts and published pieces from time to time in search of unused ideas and concepts to continue developing upon. Today, I'm sharing five highlights that I want to have more present in my day-to-day. I hope they resonate with you.

  • Embrace the identity of a craftsman who shows up daily. (From Daily blogging, barely shipping.)
  • Focus on doing the things you want to do now, under your current circumstances, and focus on finding meaning in everything you do. That's a path to happiness. (From The myth of a better life.)
  • The practice is what gets you to become whatever it is you're aiming for. (From Periodicity.)
  • The goal [of writing] is to develop my skill and ideas, to find out what I think, capture what I learn, and share it with you. (From The growing drafts.)
  • Make periodicity your friend [to avoid the beginner feeling]. (From Beginner feeling.)