DECEMBER 7, 2022

Zach Kron — Art, Creativity, and Personal Evolution

Hi Friends—

Zach Kron was the second guest of the podcast back in December 2017. Since then, I've enjoyed many conversations with him that would have been a great fit for the show.

I recently visited Zach's studio in Sommerville, Massachusetts, where we talked about making (and selling) pen plotter art, evolving with your projects, creativity, capturing ideas, and remote work.

I loved recording this conversation in person and on camera.

Let me know what you liked on the YouTube video comments, and remember, you can submit your questions about this or any previous episodes at

I hope you enjoy it!


Zach Kron and Nono Martínez Alonso at Zach's studio in Sommerville, MA.


00:00 · Intro
01:00 · Evolution of this podcast
09:46 · Freediving
12:16 · Capturing ideas
13:25 · People are different in person
15:54 · Evolving with your projects
20:10 · Connecting with your audience
21:20 · Live vs. offline
26:19 · The creative medium
30:00 · Selling art
38:46 · Pen plotter art
46:34 · Making art with Dynamo
50:31 · Art
01:02:53 · Funktionlust
01:05:09 · Remote work
01:11:54 · Outro

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