Create a Next.js React app with TypeScript

JUNE 18, 2022

Here are the simplified steps to create a Next.js React app and add TypeScript to the mix. This tutorial combines my Create a Next.js app and Add TypeScript to Next.js posts.

Create a Next.js App

Let's use npx and create-next-app.

npx \
create-next-app nextjs-app \
--use-npm \
--example \

Add TypeScript

# Enter your app's directory
cd nextjs-app
# Create an empty TypeScript configuration file
touch tsconfig.json
# Install TypeScript, React Types, and Node Types
npm install --save-dev typescript @types/react @types/node

You can customize your TypeScript in tsconfig.json.

Run the app in development mode

npm run dev
# ready - started server on, url: http://localhost:3000

You should be able to access the site at http://localhost:3000.

Build & Run for Production

npm run build
npm start
# ready - started server on, url: http://localhost:3000

From index.js into index.tsx

Your application is now ready to be written in TypeScript. The example we've used only has one file named index.js. Rename it to index.tsx and re-write the JavaScript code (and any new code you add to the app) in TypeScript.

Hands-on tutorial

You can watch my step-by-step video on How to build a Next.js app with React & TypeScript.