Location of Apple Voice Memos in macOS


If you are wondering where the audio files of your Apple Voice Memos are, in case you want to browse through them, see their file sizes, or copy or remove them, they are located in the folder inside of ~/Library/Application Support.

That's the Library folder inside of your macOS username. For instance, if your username was john, this would be the full path.

/Users/john/Library/Application Support/

These audio recordings might have been recorded on your Mac or your iOS devices (such as iPad or iPhone) and synchronized via iCloud. And even when your voice recordings appear on all your devices, Apple doesn't make it easy to find the audio files of your voice memos.

You can also drag and drop the recordings in the macOS interface to a Finder folder or to the Desktop, or send them over AirDrop to your laptop from iOS. A tip of how I usually do is naming the files on iOS so that they are properly named when they're sent over AirDrop.

Hope that helps!

For developers: Where are voice memos stored on Mac

You can open the Voice Memos directory right away by running the following command on Terminal. The file location containing your recordings will open on Finder.

open ~/Library/Application\ Support/