[Solved] macOS date and time are wrong

FEBRUARY 12, 2024

After I put my M1 MacBook Pro to sleep for a couple of weeks, it woke up with the wrong date and time, set to around two years before the current date.

Here's what fixed it for me.

Open a Terminal window and run the following command.

sudo sntp -sS

This will trigger a time sync with the actual date and time from Apple's clock. But it won't completely fix the issue. If you close the lid and reopen your laptop, the time will return to the wrong time.

After you run the command above, you have to do the following.

  • Open System SettingsGeneralDate & Time
  • Disable Set time and date automatically
  • Enable Set time and delete automatically

That's it. This permanently fixed the issue for me.

If you found this useful, let me know!