Croquetilla in Alcatraz

NOVEMBER 5, 2017

Croquetilla in Alcatraz

Earlier this month, we visited San Francisco. Before getting there, I created an illustration with Croquetilla as an Alcatraz prisoner (and placed it on a montage as a fugitive, and on a Wanted ad). Last week's update of the Croquetilla Stickers for iMessage includes this and other new illustrations.

Croquetilla escaping Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz's high-security prision remained open from 1934 to 1963. Apparently, it still remains a mystery whether the three only prisioners that ever managed to escape Alcatraz's high-security prision actually made it to firm land or if drowned in the water.

Croquetilla Wanted ad.

You can Download the Croquetilla Stickers for iMessage.

Happy Birthday Croquetilla!